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April 27, 2020

The process of the breast tumor biopsy under the guidance of MRI has been set up for the first time in pardisnoor medical imaging center .
in this method , the biopsy of breast tumor or tissue is removed under the guide of mri in which the needle biopsy if located in the accurate position of the suspended lesion.
this technique is supposed as a less invasive as surgery while in compare to the biopsy guided mammography is safer since there is no x-ray ionizing radiation . the

recovery time is also less for the patients. 

in additional , the high accuracy of the MRI imaging causes to be recognized tiny lesion and tumors in breast tissue which arent recognizable in mammography .
The approximate time of this biopsy is 30 minutes .
The prevalent applications of MRI-Guided breast biopsy are :-The suspicious lesions which arent diagnosed by other techniques .-The dispersive tissue lesions-The abnormal tissue changes .This method doesnt need patient be anesthetized and only local anesthesia is okay .