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April 27, 2020
Cryotherapy ablation of prostate cancer recurrence after surgery

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in men after lung cancer. Prostate cancer can be slow-growing and take long to develop symptoms. In other cases, the tumor is rapidly growing and tumor invasion into other tissues becomes possible. In such cases, the interval between the onset and expansion is very short.

In cases where cancer cells are not completely destroyed and removed in the initial treatment, conditions for the growth and proliferation of the malignant cells will be provided. It does not mean that treatment is performed incompletely or incorrectly, but it is common mostly in the treatment of cancer malignancy recurrence. Cancer recurrence may appear as secondary cancer (metastasis). That is, cancer cells will start growing and multiplying in another body organ.

Recently, a new treatment is also introduced in Pardise Noor Medical Imaging Center for patients with prostate cancer recurrence.

Cryotherapy ablation is the technique of destroying cells by cooling or freezing system. With this technique, the cancer cells will be cooled to the temperature of … and they will be destroyed. This technique has many advantages in the treatment of cancer recurrence.

This surgery can achieve very effective results in controlling and treating cancer both in the early treatment of cancer and cancer tissue recurrence. This surgery is recommended especially in cases where the patient does not meet the conditions for anesthesia or surgery.