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What is a port ?

One of the major problems of patients who need repeated chemotherapy and injections is the piercing of various vessel, gradually leading to their becoming thin and eventually their obstruction. In addition to causing pain and discomfort for the patient, it destroys peripheral vessels and causes new problems for the patients.


What is the perfect solution for chemotherapy ?

The use of a port under the patients skin can avoid such problems. In developed countries, the port will be implanted for chemotherapy in the first place. The implanted port under the skin that gets connected to the central body vessel cannot be seen, thus preserving the patients peripheral vessels.


What is the use of port ?

Through the port, chemotherapy injections, blood transfusion, and injection of antibiotics and serum can be performed without having to puncture the vein. Meanwhile, if necessary, it can be used for getting blood samples for tests.


What is the duration of using the port ?

The port can be kept for weeks, months, and years, if needed.

Is anesthesia required for the port implant?

No, it is easily performed under local anesthesia.

Is any hospitalization required after the port implant?

No, it is performed as an outpatient procedure. One hour after the port implant, you can return to your normal activities.

How is the port implant performed ?

After local anesthesia and using Doppler ultrasound , the catheter will be placed in the central vessels. Then, an incision will be made on the skin according to the port size. This incision is usually made in the chest and the port will be implanted under the skin and the skin will be closed by absorbable sutures through plastic surgery.

How is the port used ?

If required, it can be used immediately after the port implant. When the port is used for chemotherapy drug injection of blood sampling, the skin of the port site will be sterilized and, then, a special needle will be inserted into the port percutaneously. This is not painful.

What care is required after the port implant ?

In the first week, you may feel minor pain and bruises may occur at the site of incision. Regular painkillers such as acetaminophen will help to relieve this pain. After the port implant, oral antibiotics would be given to you for 5 days in order to prevent infection. If any redness or swelling remains around the port site, you should visit the clinic after one week.

After the port injection, some anticoagulant (Heparin) is injected into the port to prevent the blood from clotting inside the port. It the port is not used regularly, the interior of the port should be washed monthly.

Potential problems

Infection may occur in the pipe or around the port. In the following cases, you should contact your doctor immediately:
– Observation of red, swollen, or painful area around the port
– Symptoms such as fever , short breath, chills, and dizziness
In there cases, you will be given antibiotics.

In case of blood clots inside the port or sever infection, the port may be required to be taken out.
Symptoms of blood clots inside the port include neck swelling and redness of the skin.

Does the port interfere with imaging?

No, you can easily do CT scan or MRI even with the port benign present.