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Direct chemotherapy of retiboblastoma (eye tumor)


Cancer is a disease starting from abnormal proliferation of cells in the body. In fact, the cells of the body will be normally destroyed according to an arranged plan and will be replaced by new cells.
Sometimes, this normal process gets out of control. That, is worn-out cells are not destroyed and from lumps that can turn into a malignant tumor or cancer. Cancer has different types.

Retinoblastoma tumor

This is a rare cancer that affects the retina. This tumor develops mostly in children, infants, ad sometimes fetuses before birth. Hereditary and genetic factors are very effective in the development of this type of tumor. If retinoblastoma tumor is diagnosed in time, good medical results will be achieved.

Symptoms of retinoblastoma tumor

Eye reflexes (such as Cats Eye (leukocoria)) 
This will mostly appear in photography of the babys eyes and is more like the flashing of the eyes.

Strabismus (crossed eyes)
“Crossed eyes” is another symptom of this tumor that suddenly appears.

Redness and inflammation of the eye
Most patients with retinoblastoma tumor have redness and inflammation of the eyes that appears like allergies or infections. Changes in iris color (heterochromia), low vision, and enlargemet of pupils (anisocoria) are among other symptoms associated with this type tumor.

Treatment f retinoblastoma tumor

After visiting a specialist and verification of this type of tumor by the specialist, appropriate treatment methods will be recommended.

Current treatment methods of retinoblastoma tumor are as follow:

– Surgery
– Cryotherapy
– Laser therapy
– Thermotherapy
– Radiotherapy
– Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is performed via the three following methods:

– Systemic chemotherapy: Chemotherapy drug injection through veins

– Subtehon chemotherapy:
 Chemotherapy drug injection into the back of the eyeball through the lining membrane of the nerve and muscle

– Ophthalamic artery chemotherapy: Chemotherapy drug injection into the ophthalmic artery through angiography

Direct chemotherapy of tumor artery

In this method, more volume of chemotherapy drug will be injected directly into the arteries supplying blood to the retinoblastoma tumor. That is, a special catheter will be inserted into the ophthalmic artery through the right groin, under the guidance of imaging devices. Then, after determination of the catheter location, combined chemotherapy drug is injected slowly. The operation is performed under anesthesia. Once the chemotherapy drug injection is over, the catheter is removed from the groin and the incision site will be compressed by hand pressure to avoid bleeding from the groin.